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Mango from Boss Design

Caleb Holding


Mango Office Pod

Open plan is becoming increasingly popular with schools, colleges and universities for spaces such as 6th form breakout areas and it’s hardly surprising, given its many advantages. Students and teachers can communicate with each other easily, without the physical and psychological barriers created by intervening walls. Team-building, creativity, transparency and collaboration all thrive. Open-plan also optimises use of space, fitting the greatest number of people into what’s available.

There are drawbacks though. Catch-up meetings, background chatter and telephone conversations can all be unwanted distractions, especially if the volume is high.

Open collaboration set ups can backfire. Someone trying to concentrate on a task can face interruptions from colleagues wanting opinions and input.

There’s also no doubt that keeping everyone happy in an open environment is tricky; everyone has a different idea of how much privacy or interaction they need to work happily, and that will vary from day to day and even at different times of the day.

It’s certainly been our observation that giving students and teaching staff the freedom and choice to work in places that provide the right setting for the task in hand is the key to productivity, which is why products that offer privacy for focused tasks often catch our attention – and Mango from Boss Design is just such a product.

Mango has a high upholstered screen surround with the option of an extended privacy screen to minimize surrounding noise levels. It’s also equipped with integrated power and data options to provide connectivity, storage space underneath the seat and, as we’d expect from Boss design, a simple elegant design and beautiful finish.

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