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Schools of the Future

Caleb Holding


The UK continues to rank in the top ten education systems in the world which comes with no surprise given the long heritage of educating young people. The educational system throughout the UK still mainly operates on traditional styles and within traditional classrooms housed within buildings that are often hundreds of years old. The idea of challenging the status quo can be daunting within the educational circles in the UK but that doesn’t stop us from forging progressive thinking to make what may be small but continuous development in the way we educate and the understanding we have of the impact the environments we educate within have.

The team with AW Learning Spaces are committed to promoting the development of progressive educational styles and the understanding of the fact that the environment that we learn in has a dramatic impact on our ability to achieve. AW Spaces is a family run business and is passionate about providing the best environments within the educational system to facilitate new ways of learning. The founders of AW Spaces not only have the children within this educational system but it doesn’t seem like many years ago they were running the corridors of these buildings themselves!

AW Learning Spaces was born out of a workspace design and build company AW Spaces Ltd. Over the last decade with acquisitions of three other educational design and furniture businesses this consolidated an extensive experience gained in schools and colleges across the UK and it became clear that now was time to establish this brand with its own identity. As this development progressed it became clear that the vision and values AW Spaces held for the corporate workspace applied so definitely to the work that was being carried out in the educational sector and for this reason we haven’t changed our mantra in any way between both brands, they both look to embrace sustainability and green initiatives in design and in construction to focus on creating user specific spaces for people focused projects, to enhance health and wellbeing through enriching environments, to build adaptable resilient and multi- purpose spaces to attract talent and ensure full admissions through beautiful design.

This new vision is not intended to change the world today or even tomorrow but rather to open people’s minds to the opportunities that already exist and maybe take a flavor of what is being shown here to open your mind next time you have a summer works budget and are considering changing around space usage, let it work to stimulate your creative side and open your mind to the opportunities your educational space holds. Take a virtual tour of our ‘Schools of the future’ here.

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