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Millais School

Girls Secondary School - SEN Department

Horsham - £200,000

Aiming higher, working harder and pursuing excellence for every student, Millais School in Horsham has the enviable reputation of being a national teaching school, embracing high expectations and setting high standards within a nurturing and safe environment of trust and respect. With this heritage the school saw a need to provide a forward thinking and inclusive refurbishment of their SEND space.

The AW design team were commissioned to work sensitively to the specific needs of children within the SEND spectrum, and to provide an environment that was safe for these children to thrive in. Understanding the use of color, finding ways to bring nature into the space and providing a good source of natural light were all key elements that contributed to this amazing space.

The Department was split in half by a corridor and one side was specifically designed as the breakout and relaxing, self directed space and the other side was used more for classroom activities and one-on-one teaching opportunities. The school was delighted with this new environment which catered to the needs of the occupants so well.

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